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Wednesday 11 April 2007

मृत्यूशय्येवर होम्स

इथे चिकटवायला कंटाळा आला.हा भाग माझ्या जिओसिटीज च्या पानावर पहा.



traslation is too good.
more of Sherlok homes pl

सहज said...

jamya hai !!

sudeepmirza said...


TheKing said...

I had planned to read holmes for a long long time. Reading a few stories on this blog triggered it. I downloaded e-books of holmes stories and reading it these days on my travel abroad, that's giving me some reading-time after a long time!

Anonymous said...

geocities bandd zala aahe....dusree link dya anutai.... (tai mhanalo mhanun raag manu naka... byko cha salla aahe mazya kee dusrya bai la tai mhanava ...hehehe)

Unknown said...

I just love to read your blogs. Keep writing dear. But this story is not available on the link you provided. Please add the story here too.

I am a big fan of your 'Anudini' and all those humorous pictures of daily incidences , it reminds me about a book :'Sarasa' by kannad author Ishwesharayya. Sorry, for being lazy to appreciate you every time I read your articles. But I must tell you that me and many people I know are anonymous fans of yours.

Keep writing dear. We are waiting to read more.